Data generator

Data Generator is designed for generation of test data. This is a necessary tool for every developer or designer.

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    Auto copy clipboard

    The program software automatically saves generated data into clipboard for subsequent use in the editor of choice. Last 10-50 copied results are stored in history.

  • 2

    User-friendly UI

    Neat and user-friendly interface. Capability of tweaking the parameters.

  • 3


    Software conveniently hovers in status bar. The program may be called up via shortcuts and hotkeys.

  • 4


    Enormous database of names and surnames, credit card numbers, professions, addresses, emails, states and countries, phone numbers, cities of the world and indexes, days of the week and months, names of companies.

  • 5

    Number generator

    Handy system of numbers generation - floating point numbers and integers, addition of prefixes and suffixes, including currency symbols.

  • 6

    Lorem human generator

    Choice option of symbols amount for the articles, created out of the data base.

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Great tool for everyone

Fast, concise and lightweight solution for Mac.

A tool, essential in daily performance of developers, designers and other professionals. It promptly generates requested information, copies it to the clipboard and helps to fill any forms.

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